January 25, 2018

Every child is at risk for being caught in sexual slavery. Even yours. One conversation in the wrong online chat room…one seemingly innocent conversation with the wrong girl or boy at school…one walk down the wrong street…one interview at the wrong modeling or acting agency…There are so many risks we cannot easily see. Children who have been sexually abused at home are at even great risk if becoming trapped. Victims caught in sexual slavery hidden in plain sight in our schools, and no one is aware they need help. What can we do as a families and communities to help stop the selling of children for sex? Join Dr. Sutherland and her guest, former sex crimes detective Kevin McNeil, and learn more about how girls and boys become trapped, why they cannot extricate themselves without help, what parents can do to keep their children safe, and what communities can do to help ameliorate this multi-billion dollar business.


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