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More people in the wellness world are turning to CBD for its powerful effects on inflammation, pain, depression, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, and many other conditions. Research is showing that it can be a game-changer in achieving mental, emotional, and physical balance.

Legacy Changers Counseling Center

Face-to-face & tele-mental health counseling for children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families. Click the link below to learn more or watch the video.

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Counselors this corner is just for you! Need supervision? CE workshops? Need a little help with self-care?

Upcoming CE Workshops

Join us for any of the upcoming CE trainings: All Continuing Education workshops are held on multiple dates & locations in Hiram and Atlanta.

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Legacy Changers Counseling Centers

We Offer Both Face-to-Face & Telemental Health Counseling Services

Family Relationship & Mental Wellness Radio


Women in the Military: Perspectives on Transitioning to Civilian Life 

July 9, 2019  

What are the unique struggles of women veterans when returning to…

Veteran Perspectives: Transitioning to Life Post-Military 

July 2, 2019  

Why do some veterans struggle with the transition when returning to civilian life…

Understanding African-American Women & Trauma 

May 21, 2019  

According to the U. S. Office of Minority Health, women in general are…

Upcoming CE Workshops

Join us for any of the upcoming CE trainings

All Continuing Education workshops are held on multiple dates & locations in Hiram and Atlanta.

Using an interactive group format, this workshop provides practical information on delivering services via technology-assisted media, such as but not limited to, a telephone, video, internet, a smartphone, tablet, PC desktop system or other electronic means using appropriate encryption technology for electronic health information (both asynchronous and sychronous).  The complexities …
Using video and case vignettes, participants will review the policies for involuntary transport and commitment of a client who presents a danger to themselves or others, as defined by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). Participants will practice steps involved in executing an order for “1013” mental …
  Some of the biggest issues facing clinicians surround ethical practice. Knowing the codes is not enough. Many times we are put in such complex positions with clients that decision-making can provoke varying levels of anxiety. When considering client diversity, how can clinicians effectively conceptualize treatment within the cultural contexts …

Dr. Sutherland’s Blog


Brothers Lets Talk 

Engaging the Power of Barber Shops to Counteract the Stigma About Mental Health Awareness in the Black Community

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Therapist 

Finding a new therapist you can genuinely connect with is sometimes like finding…

Hurricane Maria Relief Fund 

The devastation that Hurricane Maria left on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico is heartbreaking.

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