Eligibility Requirements For “Notice To Cure” Workshop Assistance

Historically, the Georgia Composite Board has viewed live webinars as online continuing education, and enforces it in this way when individuals are selected for CE compliance audit. For licensure purposes, the 5/6 hour Ethics requirement has not been able to be satisfied via online training. If an individual is selected for audit and the Ethics requirement is flagged because it was done online, the board may send a “NOTICE TO CURE”, meaning the licensee (you or I) must submit proof on an in-person Ethics event to meet the requirement.

I believe the current licensure board waiver includes Ethics, so I really don’t anticipate this problem arising. However, to give you some assurance and assist you in dealing with any uncertainly down the road, I will provide a promo code for FREE ADMISSION to one of my future 6 hr in-person Ethics workshops, if

  1. You attend(ed) one of my Ethics live webinars this year, and
  2. You submit(ted) this to satisfy your Ethics requirement, and
  3. You are selected by the board for a random CE audit, and
  4. Receive a “Notice to Cure” rejecting the 6 Ethics Live-webinar CE hrs you submitted
  5. Will be submitting the free in-person Ethics training to satisfy the “Notice to Cure”.

To be eligible, you must be selected by the Georgia Composite Board for a random audit when you attempt to renew your professional license for the 2020 – 2022 cycle. This would occur when you submit for renewal on the licensing board website.

  1. You must forward a copy of the email you received from the board rejecting the live webinar hours and requiring you to correct the deficiency.
  2. Free admission to an in-person Ethics workshop applies only for online Ethics workshops attended thru 12/31/20. This does not apply if you have not been selected for a random audit.
  3. The promo code and this offer will expire on 6/1/21 so redemption and in-person attendance must occur before 6/1/21.

  • You assume all risk by exercising any of these options.v The terms of the information on this page are limited to your purchase of my workshops.
  • I in no way assume your responsibility to the licensing board as regards the maintenance of your license including but not limited to ethical conduct, licensing requirements, or other.
  • This page only addresses my personal workshop policies. Also see: Legal Disclaimer and Term of Use of this Site

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