Counseling Services



Individual Counseling for children, youth and adults focuses on helping you manage and improve how you interact with others and function in life. In individual counseling, treatment focus will center on addressing psychological issues that interfere with effective management of your daily life situations.

Individual counseling services are provided in the office face-to-face or through tele-mental health counseling domestically and internationally


Marital and Pre-Marital Counseling are provided through an 8-week relationship therapy program with specific conflict resolution and relationship restoration components for married couples and relationship building components for soon-to-be-married couples. The program focuses on improving communication and relationship interaction, improving skills for managing conflict, and building a foundation for strong, supportive, and happy marital relationships. The program incorporates foci on grace, justice, empathy, trust, forgiveness, and sex and intimacy as key components of safe, unified, purpose-driven and happy marital relationships.

  • Couples counseling is provided in the office face-to-face or through tele-mental health counseling.
  • Between session activities are an integral part of the counseling process and should be expected weekly.


  • Therapeutic group sessions (i.e. bereavement, divorce, parenting, youth, alcohol/substance abuse, and others)
  • Community education workshops and conferences focused on youth, parent-child, couple and family relationships