CBD & Mental Health: What You Need to Know

CBD has exploded onto the American wellness market. No longer is it confined in hushed tones to the world of the seriously ill. It has to blasted open new (though sometimes still uneasy) conversations in the everyday world of people who are willing to talk about it because they just want to feel better. More people in the wellness world are turning to CBD for its powerful effects on inflammation, pain, depression, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, and many other conditions, because it has the potential to accomplish these things without the unwanted side effects common to marijuana such as lethargy or dysphoria. Still, with as many people who are turning to CBD, just as many are confused about it potential for treating these and other disorders. Questions about the product still abound. Is it actually legal? What healing properties does it actually have? Is it safe for anyone to take? Is it possible to overdose on it? Join Dr. Sutherland and her guests, Dr. Tracy Gibbs, Chief Scientific Officer for VASAYO, and Brian & Ashley Anderson as they answer questions everyone’s asking.