What Parents Should Know About Child Abuse and Strategies to Reduce Risk

Jul 27, 2017 | Family Radio

What Parents Should Know About Child Abuse and Strategies to Reduce Risk

Through the discussion of these components, parents will gain a greater understanding for situations that create opportunities for abuse and learn ways to reduce those factors.

Additionally, parents will learn strategies for creating a supportive environment for talking with their children about abuse.


Top 10 Books To Teach ‘Body Safety’ To Kids

There are a number of fantastic books available to teach children body safety skills. Children are visual learners so story is an excellent medium when broaching this subject with your child. Click here to see 10 helpful books.


In Georgia, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia has a great helpline for parents, caregivers and concerned adults to call and ask questions about anything related to abuse, child development, parenting and how to receive resources locally. 1-800-CHILDREN On a national level, I would suggest contacting RAINN, 1-800-656-HOPE or www.rainn.org

National Children’s Alliance

Get connected with your local child advocacy center. There are over 800 throughout the US providing intervention, treatment and prevention services to victims of abuse and their families. Many provide similar programs to us and outreach to the community. To find one go to the National Children’s Alliance, www.nationalchildrensalliance.org